This initiative is run by botany and zoology grad students and faculty with the goal of providing better mental health support to grad students. We host stress-relieving events, wellness workshops, provide access to teaching faculty mentors, and advocate for your mental wellness to the departments. Find out more here.


Your Graduate Advisor 

Grad advisors can be helpful to talk to, especially in a situation where you need to discuss the effect of mental health issues on the progress you've made in your degree.

Who to talk to in Botany:

Patrick Martone

E: pmartone [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-9338

Keith Adams

E: keith.adams [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-2355

Quentin Cronk

E: quentin.cronk [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-781-674O

Reinhard Jetter

E: reinhard.jetter [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-2477

Patrick Keeling

E: pkeeling [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-49O6

Ljerka Kunst

E: kunst [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-2351

Xin Li

E: xinli [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-3155

Abel Rosado

E: abel.rosado [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-827-1662

Who to talk to in Zoology?

Dolph Schluter

E: schluter [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-2387