Your Graduate Advisor 

Grad advisors can be helpful to talk to, especially in a situation where you need to discuss the effect of mental health issues on the progress you've made in your degree.

Who to talk to in Botany:

Patrick Martone

E: pmartone [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-9338

Keith Adams

E: keith.adams [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-2355

Quentin Cronk

E: quentin.cronk [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-781-674O

Reinhard Jetter

E: reinhard.jetter [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-2477

Patrick Keeling

E: pkeeling [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-49O6

Ljerka Kunst

E: kunst [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-2351

Xin Li

E: xinli [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-3155

Abel Rosado

E: abel.rosado [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-827-1662

Who to talk to in Zoology?

Dolph Schluter

E: schluter [at symbol]

Number: 6O4-822-2387

This initiative is run by botany and zoology grad students and faculty with the goal of providing better mental health support to grad students. We host stress-relieving events, wellness workshops, provide access to teaching faculty mentors, and advocate for your mental wellness to the departments. Find out more here.