Graduate Wellness Symposium

Workshops: 2pm

Nicole Malette, PhD Candidate in Sociology (Rm 224)

My dissertation research consists of a multilevel analysis of how post-secondary institutional context impacts individual students' mental health. For this workshop, I will be presenting research I conducted, in conjunction with the Centre for Teaching and Learning Technologies UBC, on TA well-being. My presentation will focus on some of the challenges teaching assistants at UBC face andtheir recommendations for how the institution can best support TA well-being.

Kyle Gooderham, PhD Student in Psychology (Rm 225)

My work focuses on how health behaviours, and particularly physical activity, alter cognitive functioning. I seek to understand how physical activity impacts functional changes in cognitive performance. 

Lola, Graduate student with the Wellness Centre (Rm 303) 

I work with the Wellness Centre as a graduate peer. My workshop will be focused on time management and work-life balance. I will help you identify how you currently spend your time and how you would like to better manage your time. You will learn effective time management strategies that you can personalize to fit your values, priorities, and lifestyle in order to reduce stress and achieve success.



This initiative is run by botany and zoology grad students and faculty with the goal of providing better mental health support to grad students. We host stress-relieving events, wellness workshops, provide access to teaching faculty mentors, and advocate for your mental wellness to the departments. Find out more here.