WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre

This is a 24/7 confidential crisis and information line. They offer advocacy and support for survivors. They can offer information about sexual assault, legal options, and referrals to assist you. Services offered include hospital accompaniment, police and court accompaniment, and support groups and counselling. If you are not ready to make an appointment, you can call for emotional support.

How to access the WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre:

Call them any day or time at 604-255-6344 

What happens when I call?

It is confidential. You will be talking to a WAVAW support worker that is trained to provide emotional support and referrals. The questions will not be specific, to allow you to go into as much or as little detail. There are no expectations from you. Call during office hours for appointments, this way they can help you navigate victim services programs, the criminal justice system, support groups, and one-on-one counselling. Some questions they might ask include: any current diagnoses, what the incident or event is that you are hoping to get support around, and questions concerning current state of mind. These are to assess what resources will be best for you.

Good to know:

1) There is no real wait time for victim services program through the hospital, police or court accompaniment

2) There is a 2-year wait time for one-on-one counselling 

3) No wait time for in-house support group

4) There is a bit of a wait time for trans and Indigenous persons support groups