Go to VGH Access and Assessment Centre

* You must reside in Vancouver proper to access this resource.

Changes during COVID-19: Intake can still be done in person (as a walk in) or over the phone at 604-675-3700. Their website says that hours may be reduced during the outbreak, so consider calling before driving/walking/biking/transiting over there.

This is a walk-in resource that can be accessed whether it is for an urgent or non-urgent purpose. Note that it is completely private and confidential (except in the case of legal or safety concerns). They are also equipped for crisis intervention. 

How to access VGH Access and Assessment Centre:

Walk-ins are welcome:

Joseph & Rosalie Segal & Family Health Centre 

803 West 12th Avenue 

Hours are 7:30am to 11:00pm every day 365 days/year. 

It can be a bit confusing to find, as it is down a bit of an alley. It is in a building between 12th and 10th.

What happens when I drop in?

You will first sign in at the reception. From there, they will call you and you will talk with a trained professional: either a registered nurse, psychiatric nurse, psychiatrist, or social worker. They will ask you questions about what brought you in, other health concerns, and about your current support. Depending on your needs, they can redirect you to emergency services or provide a follow-up call or in-person appointment to help find the best service for you (such as therapist). 

Know before you go:

1. Wait times can be a little long, as it is walk-in, the last accepted walk-in is at 10:30pm, to ensure everyone is seen by 11:00pm.

2. Be honest in the initial appointment about the severity of your symptoms. It will strongly affect the treatment you are offered.