Get an appointment with a psychiatrist through UBC Student Health Service

Changes during COVID-19: Appointments to discuss both physical and mental health concerns are still available, and are offered by phone or video. Call 604 822 7011 to schedule an appointment, or do so online.

Many mental health and well-being issues require the involvement of medical professionals, such as psychiatrists. To access medical treatment on campus, you can go through UBC's Student Health Service.

How to access Student Health Service for mental health concerns:

Call 604 822 7011 or visit Student Health Service in person, at Room M334 in UBC Hospital, which is located at 2211 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC.

Find more information about Student Health Service on their website.

What happens at a Student Health Service mental health appointment?

This appointment will be with a physician and likely take half an hour. You may be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your mental state in the last two weeks. The doctor will ask about what issues you have been struggling with and will offer some advice and may give you a resource package. They may also go over a safety plan for you, to make sure you are supported. If required, your doctor may refer you to a psychiatrist. The waitlist can be quite long, 3-6 months, but be patient and vigilant! They do want to help. If referrals are taking a while, the doctor may suggest meeting regularly for 15 minute visits to make sure you are supported until a psychiatrist is available.  

One suggestion:

Consider getting a referral from a trusted faculty member. It can help you get an appointment faster. One way to do this is through teaching faculty mentors. More information about them here.