Changes during COVID-19: These peer support groups have been shifted online. A schedule and access information is available here, or email them at info@the-kaleidoscope.com for more information.

This is a peer support group that meets on campus weekly. It's open to anyone who has experienced some kind of mental health concerns. It is intended to help connect people with others who have had such experiences, to reduce the feelings of isolation and stigmatization that often accompany mental health issues. They highlight that they are safe, confidential, and stigma-free.

How to access Kaleidoscope:

Attend a meeting! They are drop in, and open to anyone.

General group: Wed 6-7pm, at UBC in BUCH D214

Professional Undergraduate and Graduate group: Mon 5-6pm, at UBC in WOOD B75

SHARE (Self Harm Anonymous Recovery & Education):

Monday Oct 7, Nov 4, and Dec 2 6-7:30pm, at UBC in IBLC 461

More info about Kaleidoscope: http://the-kaleidoscope.com/

More info about SHARE: https://vivreshare.org/support-group/

What happens when I go to a meeting?

You will have the opportunity to share, or check in, to the extent that you feel comfortable. You will also be able to listen to others do so, and learn through their experiences. All participants are required to adhere to the group's guidelines (http://the-kaleidoscope.com/social-contract/).


If this is something that might help you, or that you are curious about, but you don't feel comfortable sharing with others yet, then consider attending a meeting without feeling that you have to share anything. It may be easier to do so once you are more comfortable in the group.