See a counselor at UBC Counselling

Changes during COVID-19: Appointments are still available, and are offered by phone rather than in person. Call 604 822 3811 to schedule an appointment. Intensive group therapy programs have been shifted online.

This is a good option for students who need easily accessible or short term individual therapy, or a one on one discussing about accessing other resources. Note that these appointments are completely private and confidential (except in the case of legal or safety concerns).

How to access UBC Counselling:

Go in person to Room 1040 Brock Hall, which is located at 1874 East Mall, Vancouver, BC.

Find out more about UBC Counselling Services from their website.

Their hours are weird:

   Mon 8:30-3:30

   Tue 8:30-3:30

   Wed 8:30-6

   Thu 10-3:30

   Fri 8:30-3:30

What happens when I drop in?

They will give you a short questionnaire at the reception. From there, they will attempt to schedule an appointment for that day. If no more appointments are available, they will point you towards other resources and you will be asked to return another day.

When you do get an appointment, you will first fill out a more detailed questionnaire, then meet with a counselor. The counselor will go through your questionnaires, talk to you about your concerns/situation, and suggest a plan for accessing resources. Those resources might include individual therapy, group therapy, self-directed resources, workshops, or something else.


1. Go as early in the day as you possibly can. Appointments fill up quickly.

2. Be honest in the initial appointment about the severity of your symptoms. It will strongly affect the treatment you are offered.