Graduate Wellness Symposium


  Plenary: 10am-12pm


Aspiria is committed to help create accessible mental health resources for Canadians. Their talk will highlight 3 main stress categories: emotional, graduate school, and financial. You will learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression and emotional exhaustion in yourself and peers, as well as discuss strategies to cope. There will be a discussion about workplace struggles, including navigating power dynamics in your lab, dealing with imposter syndrome, and career uncertainty. Lastly, we will delve into financial planning and how to cope with financial distress. 


 Research Talks: 1pm
Madelaine Gierc, PhD, School of Kinesiology (Rm 303)

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Kinesiology, working under the leadership of Dr. Guy Faulkner. My research interests lie in the intersection between public health, physical activity promotion, and psychology. For example: How can we use cognitive-behavioural strategies to promote physical activity adherence? What are the barriers to physical activity in individuals with chronic health conditions? 

Christopher Mole, PhD, Department of Philosophy (Rm 225)

Building on his experiences of collaborative research with mental health professionals, Professor Mole will consider the philosophical issues associated with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, with particular attention to the ways in which mental disorders differ from other medical categories. 

Todd Handy, PhD, Department of Psychology (Rm 224)

Anyone possessing a human brain understands that our minds are prone to regularly wandering away from whatever it is we may be doing at the moment.  In my talk, I discuss not just how the brain tunes itself out, but why this tic of habit evolved and the new insights mind wandering research is bringing to issues of cognitive health and wellbeing.


This initiative is run by botany and zoology grad students and faculty with the goal of providing better mental health support to grad students. We host stress-relieving events, wellness workshops, provide access to teaching faculty mentors, and advocate for your mental wellness to the departments. Find out more here.