Empower Me

This is a free multilingual 24-hour call-in service and it is confidential. Where you will be connected to a trained professional on the phone. There are two services Empower Me provides: 1) they will try and assist you in the moment, so they can be called simply to talk to someone 2) they will help connect you with a therapist and/or counsellor in your area depending on your needs. Should you require counselling service, they will give you three sessions per issue, but this can be extended if needed.

How to access Empower Me: 

Call toll-free: 1-844-741-6389

Additional information about this resource can be found here: http://www.studentcare.ca/rte/en/UniversityofBritishColumbiaAMSGSS_EmpowerMe_EmpowerMe

What happens when I call?

You will first be asked a series of questions about yourself. If this is your first time calling they will ask for your full name, what country you are in, what school you are affiliated with, your birthday, an email address, and a phone number. This information will be used to help a potential therapist or counsellor contact you in the future. They will then ask you what is going on that has led you to call and they will give you some advice for the time-being. You will then be assigned to a case worker who will give you a call back within 2 business days to discuss therapy options.