This is looking like it's going to be a uniquely challenging situation for many people, including those in botany and zoology. In an effort to support each other, we've put together a way to coordinate getting help to the people who need it.

If you want to be emailed by people who need support please fill out this spreadsheet.

If someone gets contacted (and is CCed) they will be crossed off the list (temporarily) to prevent individuals from getting too many requests for support. Given that people will likely need support relatively immediately, if you do sign up please commit to checking your email at least daily, and remove yourself from the spreadsheet if you are not able to do so at some point.

If you need some form of support, please find a person who is offering the support you need (and ideally lives relatively close by, in the case of grocery deliveries). Email them and CC (so that we can follow up if necessary). If you can’t find a person, please email us at and we’ll try to help you sort something out.

Who might need help?

People who are sick, socially isolated/distanced, or in an at-risk group.

What help might they/you need?

Deliveries of basic supplies, a periodic check-in phone call, help watering plants or feeding fish, a skype call to interact with another human, any number of things we haven't thought of.

What to include in your email?

(1) What you need, with quantities, etc.

(2) If you are able to send funds for the costs of any supplies before purchase via e-transfer after, or if you need to reimburse after purchase.

(3) If you would like ready made meals vs. ingredients, or any other specifications

Botanists and Zoologists are generally not medical professionals. Here are some resources if you need medical treatment:

If you need medical help call 811 (non-emergency) or 911 (emergency)

Online doctors:

These are links to virtual walk-in doctor consultations that are free to BC residents with MSP:

Questions/suggestions regarding this? Contact us here